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Our Platforms

Empowering Brands, Agencies, and Publishers with advanced capabilities. Our comprehensive platform leverages real time data, adapts to dynamic audience signals, and enables precise campaign planning, activation, and measurement. Streamlined execution, real-time insights, and privacy-centric solutions drive impactful results in a cookieless era.



YMT's cutting-edge programmatic solutions utilize advanced technologies and sophisticated algorithms to revolutionize how you connect with and engage your target audience. With our programmatic platform, you can unlock the full potential of data-driven advertising, optimize campaigns, and drive superior results. Stay ahead of the competition with precise targeting, efficient bidding, and impactful engagement.



YMT's e-commerce enablement platform, Modcart offers an array of features, including the aggregation of multiple marketplaces, amplify social discovery, streamlined offers discovery, and secure payment gateways. With additional enhancements to the user experience, Modcart delivers a captivating and seamless online shopping journey.

Audience Data

Audience Atlas

YMT is reshaping the landscape of digital advertising with AudienceAtlas, our telco data-driven product designed for precision audience segmentation. By employing advanced algorithms, we transform extensive telco data into detailed audience segments, ensuring your ads are optimally targeted and extremely relevant.

AI AR Rich Media Ads

Immersive AI / AR AD formats

We make dynamic advertising that engages and inspires your target audience by using cutting-edge AI and AR technologies. Our AI solutions are changing how ads are delivered and giving users a more unique experience based on their individual preferences. Our state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) tools bring your products and services to life in the digital world, creating immersive experiences that boost engagement and lead to more sales.

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